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This page is dedicated
to a very special lady, an angel in my book.

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I met this gal years ago in a net group, my first.
(Elegant Angels, year 2000)
She instantly befriended me and she was o' so good
at makin' me sunshine graphics,
even when I didn't ask for them!
I've saved many o' the things she made for me, for us.
Here's one she made for all o' the angels...

Our cyber travels took us into several net groups.
We were even chickens in a chicken coop!
(Our Country Nest)
Cyber quilts caught our attention back then.
And since I didn't make graphics at all,
there was GranGran at my beck 'n' call.
Here's my favorite square of all that she made for me...

GranGran has been a shoulder for me
to cry on o'er the years.
When this momma's heart gets broken by my son,
(heroin addict, ex-con, the world o' the dark)
this lady's always been right there for me!
And when I left my domestic abuse marriage,
GranGran sent me cards & letters full o' tender care.

I've yet to meet this gal face to face,
tho' I've not yet given up the idea that one day I may.
We've shared our children, our critters,
our worries & woes.
But best of all,
we've shared unconditional love & friendship.

These days, years later, I'm proud to say,
GranGran has a net group o' her own
And I'm a member o' her wonderful Friendship Circle!

I am proud to walk in friendship beside this gal, these gals!

We're basically just a chat group o' gals
that GranGran brought together in a group years ago.
We share anything & ev'rything,
good, bad, indifferent & sometimes a bit ornery!
GranGran's Friendship Circle
has become another home to us.
A safe place.
A place where ev'ryone knows your name,
and all o' your netnames!

GranGran, this page is for you
and for all that you are
and for all that you do!
Hugs m'dear friend!

GranGran's reaction when presented with this page...

Oh, my goodness, Sunshine Lady,
you are going to --- NO, you already did --- make me cry.
I'm just speechless.
Ruthie, I don't know what to say except
THANK YOU and {{{{{hugs}}}}}

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