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Egroups established 26nd October, 2002...YaY!
And gifts o' friendship are flowing...Hooray!

Ray O' Nuttin'

Ray O' Bells

Ray O' Wishes

An inspirational message from Ray O' Enlightenment

I have a card for you all, I hope you will love it also!!!
No matter what happens in your life,

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Ray O' MoonShadow

Ray O' Magnolia

Ray O' Enlightenment

Butt the Brownie...our secret Buddy

Come join us!
Officially opened our windows 10th November, 2002...HooRAY!
And gifts o' welcome are flowing...YaY!

Ray O' Nuttin' gives blinky gifts...YaY!

Proud Whimsical Wish I am!

Proud Ship Shiner I am!

O' Sunshine proudly Sails the sky!

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"Golden Ray"
Midi used with permission
And is composed and sequenced by Mary Hession
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