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A few facts about Ohio...where this gal was born 'n' bred.
And a few facts about the Columbus area...where she currently resides.

October 2008...I moved to Canal Winchester!
A small & quiet town about 15 minutes southeast o' Columbus.
The Sunshine Girls are lovin' the peace & quiet!
Our friend Scottie is our roomie & we're enJOYin' his company too.

Click for Canal Winchester, Ohio Forecast


 motto: "With God, all things are possible." 
 capital: Columbus 
 bird: cardinal 
 tree: Buckeye 
 song: "Beautiful Ohio" 
 flower: scarlet carnation 
 wildflower: Large white trillium 
 animal: White-tailed Deer 
 reptile: Black racer snake 
 insect: Ladybug Beetle

 population: as of 2006, 
 Ohio has an estimated population of 11,478,006 
state seal
  Ohio's coat of arms features 
 a full sheaf of wheat, 
 symbolizing agriculture and bounty; 
 a cluster of 17 arrows, 
 symbolizing Ohio's admittance as 
 the 17th of the United States of America; 
 a representation of Mount Logan,Ross County, 
 as viewed from the Adena State Memorial; 
 a rising sun three-quarters exposed 
 and radiating 13 rays to represent 
 the original 13 states 
 shining over the first state 
 of the Northwest Territory; 
 and a representation 
 of the Scioto River and cultivated fields.
state flag
 The flag of Ohio 
 was adopted in 1902 and 
 designed by John Eisemann, 
 for the 1901 Pan-American Exposition. 
 The large blue triangle 
 represents Ohio's hills and valleys, 
 and the stripes represent 
 roads and waterways. 
  The 17 stars symbolize that Ohio 
 was the 17th state admitted to the union. 
 The white circle with its 
 red center not only represents 
 the first letter of the state name, 
 but also its nickname, 
 "the Buckeye State." 
 It is the only American state flag 
 that is non-rectangular.

Some o' the sports teams based in Ohio

Bengals football

 "Who Dey!" 

 City: Cincinnati, Ohio  
 Mascot: Who Dey 
 Owner: Mike Brown 
 Head Coach: Marvin Lewis 
 League affiliation: AFC North (2002-present) 
 Home Field: Paul Brown Stadium (2000-present) 

 Who Dey resides 
 in the jungle of Paul Brown Stadium 
Browns football
 City: Cleveland, Ohio  
 Mascot: Who Dey 
 Owner: Randy Lerner 
 Head Coach: Romeo Crennel 
 League affiliation: AFC North 
 Home Field: Cleveland Browns Stadium 

 Cleveland is the only current NFL city 
 whose franchise has neither played 
 in nor hosted a Super Bowl. 
 The fact that Cleveland Browns Stadium 
 is open-air, combined with 
 Cleveland's typically cold winters, 
 makes it highly unlikely that 
 the city will ever host a Super Bowl. 
Blue Jackets hockey
 City: Columbus, Ohio  
 Arena: Nationwide Arena  
 Owner: John H. McConnell 
 Conference: Western 
 Team Colors: Blue, Red, Silver, 
 White, and Electric Green  

 The term "Blue Jacket" 
 is a reference to the uniform of 
 the Union army in the 
 American Civil War, 
 to which the state of Ohio 
 provided a large number of soldiers. 

And then there is the scarlet & gray experience!


 Originally established as Ohio Agricultural" 
 and Mechanical College in 1870, 
 a product of Abraham Lincoln's Land Grant Act. 
 Located in Columbus, Ohio, with 
 branch campuses in Lima, Mansfield, Marion & Newark. 
 OSU received university status in 1878. 
 The OSU vision statement: 
 “To advance the well-being of 
 the people of Ohio and the global community 
 through the creation and dissemination of knowledge.” 
  Perhaps the most unique OSU tradition 
 is the school's mascot name: the Buckeyes. 
 Few other universities have; 
 adopted the name of a tree as their mascot. 
 The term “buckeye,”  
 actually refers to all Ohioans; 
 and has since the late 18th century. 
 The tree's strength and splendor are said to be; 
 traits all Ohio State University alums possess in full. 
 OSU has several “fight songs,”  
 Buckeye Battle Cry, Across the Field, and Carmen Ohio. 
Ohio Stadium
 Ohio Stadium : Built in 1922 
 seating capacity: 101,568 
 4th largest on-campus facility in the nation 
 double-deck horseshoe design 
 The Buckeyes currently play on P.A.T. - a 
 natural grass surface with a 
 state-of-the-art draining system. 
 listed in the National Registry of Historic Places 
 Brutus Buckeye is the athletics mascot of the OSU 
 Brutus is a student dressed in Buckeye colors 
 with headpiece resembling an Ohio Buckeye. 
 Brutus has appeared since 1965, 
 with periodic updates to design and wardrobe. 
 A member of the cheerleading team, 
 Brutus Buckeye travels 
 to many athletic events and 
 makes appearances around Columbus. 
 Brutus, a time honored tradition at OSU, 
 is the only mascot in the country  
 that is a nut. 
 Nut or not, 
 Brutus brings spirit to the OSU 
 campus and its countless athletic events. 
 Native to Ohio, the Buckeye Tree 
 got its name due to its seed, 
 which resembles the color, 
 size and shape of a buck's eye. 
 It was adopted 
 as the State Tree in 1953. 
 Daniel Drake suggested 
 buckeye tree as state emblem, 
 "In all of our woods there is not 
 a tree so hard to kill as the Buckeye. 
 The deepest girdling does not deaden it, 
 and even after it is cut down 
 and worked up into the side of a 
 cabin it will send out young branches, 
 denoting to all the world 
 that Buckeyes are not easily conquered." 

And now for the delicious buckeye experience!


Another interesting fact...

Buckeye Blessings

In the far eastern end of Athens County,
just west of the town of Coolville,
you will see a sign pointing off U.S. 50 on County Road 63,
to "Ohio’s Smallest Church."

The tiny 10X14 foot structure is open 24/7
and is called “Healing Chapel.”
It only has four short pews which might seat two small people each,
although there is a pulpit and room for a not-too-active preacher to stand.
Instead of a place of public worship,
Ohio's smallest church is a non-denominational refuge
for travelers who want to stop and offer a private prayer.
On either side of the pulpit is a container-
one for prayer requests and the other for answered prayers.
Inside the doorway is a bulletin board where many prayer requests
and a few testimonies of answered prayer are also posted.
There is also a wide open collection box.

Ohio Fast here.

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"Beautiful Ohio"
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