A Bit O' USA

is never more than one generation away from extinction.
We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream.
It must be fought for,
and handed on for them to do the same,
or one day we will spend our sunset years
telling our children and our children's children
what it was once like
in the United States where men were free."

~Ronald Reagan~
40th president of the USA
(1981 - 1989)

I am proud to be a citizen of the
United States of America
The poem below was written by me.
Written for you and for me.
A plea to all citizens of these united states...

...May we be honorable citizens...
May we make ourselves worthy of our country.
May we make ourselves worthy of our service men and women.
May we never take them for granted!
...May we make them proud of us...
Proud to serve this country for our freedom.
Proud to have given their lives for you and for me!

Citizens Unite!
As the sun rises to meet the clouds above
Glorious in the sky as a soaring dove,
Not all are peaceful in their plight.
I call to you, citizens unite!

Across the horizon a forest burns.
In a run down house a hungry child yearns.
A battered woman cries out in the night.
I beg of you, citizens unite!

A stray cat runs across a litter-strewn lawn.
Life to the homeless, just another dawn.
A man with cancer his battle to fight.
I ask of you, citizens unite!

A young child loses his father to divorce.
A terrorist attack against a powerful force.
A fallen soldier seeks God in the light.
I pray to you, citizens unite!

Still the fear, extend a helping hand.
Share your concerns, take a stand.
These are but a few of our causes to fight.
My plea to you, citizens unite!
2001 Ruth Cox

In Tribute To
The military families of these
United States of America

"And so, my fellow Americans,
ask not what your country can do for you;
ask what you can do for your country.

My fellow citizens of the world,
ask not what America will do for you,
but what together we can do for the freedom of man.

whether you are citizens of America
or citizens of the world,
ask of us here the same high standards
of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you.
With a good conscience our only sure reward,
with history the final judge of our deeds,
let us go forth to lead the land we love,
asking His blessing and His help,
but knowing that here on earth
God's work must truly be our own."

~John F. Kennedy~
(portion of his Inaugural Address)
35th president of the USA
(1961 until his assassination in 1963)

Military poems I've written...links below.
(each opens in a new window)

Message to the World/911 Call Against Evil
I Salute
Colors O' The US of A

Come join us at the Reagan Round Up!
This organization is dedicated to supporting
our deployed service men & women.
Make no mistake, this is not for fun;
we take supporting our military seriously.
So check us out - your help is needed.
Give a little back to those who serve for you!

Thank you sissy Jules!

adopted at Wings of Love and Light
Armed Forces Day in the US of A!
May 19th

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"Star Spangled Banner"
Midi Provided By
Laura's Midi Heaven

Sequencer: Ed Vieira, Evier2cbart@aol.com

"On this day and age, and as the holidays approach, even though
I was not born here in the USA
I feel so proud of being an american by choice.
Our country is so wonderful and yet misunderstood by so many.
I knew God was going to show the world He is blessing the US.
The prayers of many have beem answered because they asked for
this country with so much faith.
The war is not over but signs of deliverance are all around.
The enemy is on the run, and one can see a difference
on the faces of those poor afghanistanis.
May our troops be home one day soon."

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2001-Present Ruth Cox