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Attributes of Cancer
(according to Astro Services)

The Sun is in Cancer between about 21st June and 22nd July.

Crabs hide in their shells for safety, and will wave their claws at an approaching threat, but get under their soft belly and they can be badly hurt. Cancerians are the same, but they're as sensitive to the feelings of others as they are to their own, have creative imaginations, and they are devoted to home and family. If your Sun is in Cancer, you'll take care of ageing parents, and fight for your children against all-comers.

To the outside world, the Cancer Rising person can sometimes seem moody; people can upset you without meaning to, but they are very glad to come and have a cup of coffee in your kitchen and pour out their troubles, knowing you'll listen and understand. You are wary of giving your heart to someone, but you love to have someone on whom you can depend.

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