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Nuttin' But Sunshine!

A bit o’ nuttiness ‘n’ a bit o’ sunshine
Balance out the day
Wishin’ you Nuttin’ but Sunshine
Is the motto o’ the day!

We’d love to have you join our whimsy
For a bit o’ fun ‘n’ frolic
Our friendship is sturdy, not a bit flimsy
And we surely don’t have colic!

We bask in sunshine by the wishing well
Sharin’ the good and the bad
We’ve many a story ‘n’ many a tale
And yours we’d love to add!

Come join the nuttiness ‘n’ a bit o’ sunshine
And balance out your day
Wishin’ you Nuttin’ but Sunshine
Is the motto the Ray O's share each day!
© 2002 Ray O' Sunshine


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Nuttin' But Sunshine!
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