In Memory

Gale aka Ray O' Nuttin'

Gale M. Szajna of Hamilton, 52, passed away Monday.
Funeral services are private and at the convenience of the family.
Arrangements under the direction of Buklad Memorial Home,
2141 S. Broad St., Hamilton.
(Published in The Times, Trenton, on 10/20/2006)

In Memory Of Gale

"My friend," she said to me,
"Friends help each other all year,
You don't have to wait for Christmas,
To spread happiness and good cheer."

She spoke of Al, the light of her life,
Shared moments that shattered her heart,
She'd spent her years as a mother and wife,
Never saw herself as being very smart.

She encouraged me to be my best,
"Try PSP, go dancing, try traveling, too,
I've always wanted to see the West,
So many things I'd still like to do."

I'll miss her greetings for the holiday,
Her uplifting and patient words to me,
She was my sister by choice in every way,
Seeing only the best traits in me.

Rest peacefully, my dear friend,
The weight on your shoulders is gone,
I'm sure we'll meet one day again,
I'll smile for you as I carry on.

With love,
©Dianna Doles Petry

Godspeed Gale aka Ray O' Nuttin'

Nuttin' is forever or so it unfortunately seems
Or maybe tis just for as long as it possibly can be.
Our first meetin' was online in a group called Camelot Dreams
'N' in the group Fablers O' Fortune you were alongside me.
Then you, Tammy 'n' I flew high on warm rays o' sunbeams
Formin' our group Nuttin' But Sunshine so delightfully.

There in the land o' thy Ray O' friends you'd cleverly play
'N' design page after page to get our website in gear.
As Ray O' Nuttin' you knew just how 'n' what to say
To make each 'n' ev'ry member feel o' so very dear.
Your character, Ray O' Butt, held many a cloud at bay
Spreadin' a bit o' nutty sunshine or sharin' a tear.

On a more personal level you were a friend o' mine
Always there to help rescue me in my dire days o' need.
In Women With a Unique Soul as a sister o' mine
We became family not by birth but by choice indeed.
Now with blessin's sent on a ray o' Heavenly sunshine
I lament your departure with fond wishes o' Godspeed.

© 2006 Ruth Cox aka Ray O' Sunshine

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