Do I write so that you have something to read?
No. I scrawl so that I may share my thoughts with you.

Do I pen these thoughts to give you reading material?
No. I bare my life path upon my ink bruised knuckles.

Do I spread ink upon a page to provide printed matter?
No. I expose information via the stroke of each letter.

Do I tap at the keyboard to stroke a script for you to peruse?
No. I give you a missive in the form of a rhyme upon a page.

Do I rhyme in order to create renowned literary works?
No. I compose a jingle in order that I may bring to you...

abitosunshine ebooks!
My 1st ebook o' poetry now available in PDF format.
To purchase your copy just click the BUY NOW PayPal button
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ebook #1

"A Bit O' My Poetry at abitosunshine...
A wee ($3 USD) collection o' the pages o' my life,
Some written as happiness, some written as strife.
All are words from my heart that come from above,
JOYously shared with a bit o' sunshine love!"
~Ruth Cox, author

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"A Very Special Child"
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...Debra Shiveley Welch,
my very special friend.

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"Whispers Of The Heart"
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