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Ms. Ruthi welcomes you to...

" and design"

...a place where your personal webhome dreams
are fulfilled with a delightful dose o' sweet sunshine!

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Crafters Special! $125

Artists, needleworkers, writers, and more,
market your wares with a bit o' sunshine!


Domain Name
(1 year)

Web Site Hosting: (1 year)


*100 GB Web space (plenty for future expansion)
*Web-based e-mail
*Unlimited e-mail aliasesaddresses

Web Design would include
an exclusive web set design
and page layout of 2 pages:

Home page... Bio, contact, introduction, menu, links, etc.

Gallery page...
Up to 50
thumbnail photos of artwork,
with description of each,
and would include
"click for a larger view" pages


Note: you could set up paypal
on this site, sell the items from here,
then add new items.


Additional pages and/or updating of originals
would be considered Site Maintenance
and charged accordingly
at an agreed upon hourly or per job cost.


If interested, email me privately at...

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Site Design...Details Coming Soon

Site Design

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