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Design & maintenance provided by abitosunshine. Yes, testimonials are a form of advertisement, used to promote a person or a service. And yes, that's what I'm using testimonials for here at and design.

However, not only do I hope to promote my services by having a testimonial page - I hope also that you will enJOY the webhomes that are shared here, as well as the person behind each site.

The testimonials here are genuine, from customers who felt the desire to have their satisfaction posted here. I thank each one for their support and I'm delighted they are satisfied with the services I've provided them.

Blessings & a bit o' sunshine!
Ms Ruthi

Design & maintenance provided by abitosunshine. The Becky Conrad Website
by Dianna Petry...

During the fall of 2008, I decided to build a site for a dear friend of mine to showcase her writing and her talent. This lady had been through a lot of adversity and yet her spirit for life remained strong and determined. I wanted her new site to have a professional but simple style and most of all, it had to reflect her personality. After consulting with Ms. Ruthi, I knew she was exactly the person I was looking for to design my friend's site. She has kept me informed each step of the way, consulted me as each page was put together and offered helpful tips and suggestions for making the site a unique and pleasurable experience for all visitors. If you want to design a site to network with other professionals, keep in contact with family, share stories or photos, or just to showcase stories, jokes, or poetry you find on the Internet, Ms. Ruthi is the perfect Webmaster for you!

Hosting, Design & maintenance provided by abitosunshine. The Joshua Conrad Website
by Rebecca Conrad...

I can't say enough good about Ruthi/abitosunshine. I'd been diagnosed with brain cancer in 2007 and some friends made me a website. Over the last year it just became covered with popups and never updated. In January 09, a friend Dianna Petry, who just happened to be a friend of Ruthi’s, reminded me to write once again and that my site needed to be cleaned up and updated. Just about two weeks after the beginning of reviving my site my only child died. Suddenly Ruthi began to develop a memorial site for him. She did an excellent job of catching his real spirit with the poem she wrote on his front page. His site is beautiful and so is mine. My family and friends tell me that the designs, colors, and graphics are incredible. But one thing that meant so much to me was her learning how to make a website accesseable for the blind. She’s a smart lady and so far has succeeded. I highly recommend her work.

Design & maintenance provided by abitosunshine. Reviews4Reviews
by Brenda Youngerman...

Ms. Ruthi and I met, of all places, on I had an idea and I needed a web designer. Before I could even explain what I wanted she already knew it! We had a few "Differences" along the way, but we managed to meet in the middle and now we have a beautiful website and a beautiful friendship.

Amen to you Ms. Ruthi!
I couldn't have done it without you!

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