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shareware by abitosunshine. "shareware by abitosunshine"

Websets designed with you in mind!

Websets created for your personal and commercial webhomes by Ms. Ruthi.

TERMS of Purchase and Use:

These sets are shareware, meaning these websets are NOT sold "exclusively.

Each webset will be sold three (3) times, then retired from the available array o' sunshine!
(Each set will also be in use by me at abitosunshine.)

Shareware graphics MAY NOT be altered in any way, nor images made from them for any use. If you have need of any other graphic to match the set, email me & if I can I will make it for you.
(at no additional cost to you, within reason, of course)

Shareware graphics MAY NOT be used in email or as stationery, nor in private chat or groups on the internet.

Shareware graphics MAY NOT be given to others, nor resold nor distributed to others for any reason, nor added to any collections of any kind.

Shareware design logos MUST be linked back to this page.

YES, my shareware graphics MAY be purchased for personal sites!

YES, my shareware graphics MAY be purchased for commercial sites!

YES, I would love to link back to you! Do share with me your website URL where my shareware graphics can be found in use so that I may add your link to shareware sets "in use" or "sold out."

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©2009 NOT remove.

To purchase "shareware by abitosunshine" send an email to Ms. Ruthi!
We'll make purchase & payment arrangements for your order.
Zip files will be sent to purchaser immediately upon payment being received.

Blessings & bit o' sunshine!
Ms. Ruthi
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