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Ms. Ruthi...Contact I've spent a few years developing my personal websites. I arrived online toward the end of 1999 and began building my webhome almost immediately. My new net friends encouraged and gently prodded me every step of the way.

"abitosunshine" is "A place where one can always find a bit o' sunshine peekin' out o' the clouds!" This motto is reflected in one hundred plus pages that spread a bit o' sunshine into cyberspace.

It didn't take me long to realize that my poetry was a delightful addition to my web pages. My new friends & "family by choice" applauded my poetic talent and encouraged me to share a bit o' sunshine in rhyme. A new webhome was born.

"A Bit O' My Poetry" is "Words from my heart that come from Above, JOYously shared with a bit o' sunshine love!" This motto is reflected in the many pages wherein I share a bit o' sunshine within every word on display.

In the beginning stages of building my webhomes I learned much from the many faces of friends in cyber places. I've built and lost a few "free" websites and along with losing the sites, I lost the content within them. I've learned the hard way that anything worth putting on a web page is worth keeping indefinitely. Hence, I answered the call to have a "paid" site and secured myself a web host and I learned how to "burn!"

A friend was a reseller for a hosting company; I signed up with my friend and her company in 2002 and years later "abitosunshine" is still with them. I have been a satisfied customer in every sense of the word, so much so that now I've become a web hosting reseller for them too.

During the time I was developing my personal and poetry webhomes, I was entertained by my new-found friends and family in numerous internet groups. My time with these groups was, still is, delightful, yet all the while I yearned for a net group of my own. Sharing my dream with my friends another webhome was born, this time, a group home for anyone with a sunny spirit and willing to share it.

"Nuttin' But Sunshine!" is "A place where 'Wishin’ you Nuttin’ but Sunshine!' is the motto the Ray O's share each day." We share our sunshine with each other, as well as spread nuttin' but sunshine into cyberspace.

I've decided to take my love of writing, creating web pages, and spreadin' sunshine to a new level. I consider these activities my favorite ways to spend my time and find them fun, as well as challenging and I love sharing my creations with others. Although I've still much to learn in the web design arena, I feel my creative talent has progressed to a point where I can pass the knowlege along to others...just another way o' spreadin' a bit o' sunshine!

" and design" is "A place where your personal webhome dreams are fulfilled with a delightful dose o' sweet sunshine!" This motto is reflected in the special attention you will be given as together we fulfill your webhome wants and needs.

All four of my websites can be accessed and viewed from one link - take a moment or two and bask in a bit o' sunshine!

My prices on web hosting are quoted as affordably as possible. My quotes on my simplistic style in site design and maintenance will reflect what I currently know, as well as the many things I will continue to learn. My price on my poetry is based on the simple fact that the number nine ninety-nine rhymes with abitosunshine!

I assure you that the price for fulfillment of your personal webhome dreams will not be a financial nightmare.

For further information regarding your website desires, just send me a private email and I'll reply as quickly as can be. I look forward to hearing from you!

Blessings & bit o' sunshine!
Ms. Ruthi
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