In Memory

Gale aka Ray O' Nuttin'

Comments from friends abound o'er
the passing of our pal Gale.
In Memory of Gale aka Phoebe aka Ray O' Nuttin'.

This email to WWAUS chat group on November 24, 2006
is how many of us learned of our friend Gale's demise...

It is with a heavy heart
that I tell you this morning
of the passing of another WWAUS sister.
I talked to Gale Szanji on October 15.
She was feeling well after losing so much weight and told me
that she had more energy than she had mustered in years.

Yesterday, I called to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving.
I had emailed her with no response a couple of times and had not
seen her respond on the tubes list or send though any
Thanksgiving greetings, very unlike her.

Her husband answered the telephone and informed me
that she had passed away on October 16.
He had been there in the house and it happened quite suddenly.
I do not have an address for her daughter, the sunshine of her life,
so there is no one to send pages to or even sympathy cards
except for her husband and I won't be doing that.

Gale will be sadly missed and I hope
you will remember her and her daughter when you say your prayers.
If you were in other groups with her,
please let them know of Gale's passing.

Love, Dianna

Other friends learned this way
as Ann did on November 25, 2006

As you know Gale loves
friendship quilts as much as I do.
Anyway, we had not heard from her in a long time.
I looked up Gale's under "who is"
on the internet and got her phone number.
I have been trying for several days to get someone on the phone.
Just now I got her husband.
He said he came home on October 16 and Gale was watching TV.
He went into the kitchen to get a beer and came back
in the TV room and she had fallen over.
She died of a massive heart attack.

by Anniebel in loving memory of Gale

The very first time I saw a Friendship Quilt
was on Gale aka Phoebe's site.
I did not even know what Paint Shop Pro was
I asked her to make me a square with my name on it.
And as they say: the rest is history.
She was always ready to help.

I never met her.
She lived in New Jersey and I live in North Carolina.

Love, Luck & Lollipops always sliding across her emails.

We will miss her.

by Ruthi left in gale's guestbook 11/24/06

Sweet Sissy Gale...

I'm saddened by the news o' your demise
and shall miss thee m'friend as well as thy words o' the wise.
Bless thy daughter in this time o' mourn
and may she always know your heart she did adorn.
From my heart unto thine,
earthly hugs & heavenly sunshine!

by Anna aka Bosset

OMG Ruthi,

I am so lost for words I am so sorry,
I had no idea,
Gale was and always will be a very special friend to me
although we lost contact I have always held
a special place in my heart for her.
She will be so missed by myself and so many
who have had the pleasure of knowing her...
My love and heartfelt sympathy
go out to her family and all her dear friends.

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