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Tis the mission o' Nuttin' But Sunshine
To stretch our rays o' fun & frolic & friendship
Throughout cyberspace...sharing this special bond
Within the framework of our whimsical net group activities.

Group Guidelines for Nuttin' But Sunshine

NOTE: These guidelines are subject to change if the need arises.

1...The one 'n' only MANDATORY guideline...
You MUST adhere to the spirit o' Nuttin' But Sunshine!
"Wishin' you nuttin' but sunshine!" is our motto...our group spirit.

We pride ourselves on our diversity, therefore we
will not tolerate rudeness to members' ideals or belief systems.
We believe in sharing all that we are involved in, online & offline.
If you don't share another's viewpoint or value system, whatever,
that is your right, however...all members may share their views
without fear of attack by another member...please be polite & sensitive
to the rights & feelings & activities of others.
"Do unto others..."

2...We WISH you'd have a website or MySpace page...
How else are we to spread nuttin' but sunshine your way?

3...We WISH you'd select a "Ray O' NAME" upon joining our group...
Example - Ray O' Nuttin' or Ray O' Sunshine or Ray O' Wishes.
(these are taken, select one that applies to your sunny spirit)

4...We WISH you'd place our Member Graphic on your site or MySpace page...
linked properly to...
and we'd like you to submit the URL for where it is located
on your site or page & let us know if this changes.

5...We WISH you'd join & participate in our google chat group...
How else are we to spread nuttin' but sunshine into your day?

6...We MUST insist that you adhere to copyright rules & netiquette...
We ask that on all NBS group pages that proper use of credit links are used.
We do not tolerate "snagging" graphics, poems, sigtags, etc.
from other members without prior consent.
If someone sends a gem through the group,
please ask before taking & when you receive permission,
please give them a proper credit link.

7...We MUST insist that nothing on the NBS group site is "snaggable"...
If you see something on an NBS page you would like to have,
we ask that you get permission from NBS and/or the original artist or creator.

8...We WISH you'd accept and abide by the decisions
of the Founders of Nuttin' But Sunshine!
We reserve the right to remove any member from the group
if they do not abide by these guidelines.

When you sign the form below to join Nuttin' but Sunshine!
Upon approval, you will be sent the Member Graphic
as well as here is the link to join our Google chat group...

Google Groups
Nuttin' But Sunshine!
Visit NBS egroup

If you do not hear from us within a day or so,
please email us at
(sometimes forms aren't cooperative)

Wishin' you Nuttin' but Sunshine!

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Within 48 hours...
Please send the form information above
To us at the email address below...thanks! 

Ray O' Sunshine







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