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There is a verse spinning,
like threads of silk sewn,
tightly, binding all together

forming beauty, from the cocoon
and wings emerge to be dipped,
glazed over with golden sunshine.

On these wings are carried a gentle touch,
and above all, a tender word to the ear,
with deep astounding emotion and feeling

sharing grief, sorrow, and our joy.
But most of all, for the shining spot
to give sunshine to the whole lot.

We go forward and with our words,
maybe our sad days will be heard,
but not without a shining gleam...

and it is with all of that we share
our written word with heart, and the
times in our lives dancing in the sun.

It feels as life has just begun,
but so quickly each day does pass.
As life goes by us, we sometimes blink

rejoicing, crying, sometimes we weep.
One by one, the minutes are lost, but...
found again with...Sun Bespeckled Ink

©2009 Cynthia E. Jones aka Ray O' Whimsy

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