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Take these feelings from my heart,
Let them give you a good start.
You will see it shine so bright,
When you let in His guiding light.
Be as happy as can be...
When you share what comes from me.

Send it out along your way
To each and everyone this day.
Watch it grown then share it more,
Your heart will fill and restore.
Be as happy as can be...
When you share what comes from me.

©Rosemary McLean aka Ray O' Nelliecat

Gale aka Ray O' Nuttin' NBS! Rosemary aka Ray O' Nelliecat O' Sunshine's mother
O' Angel's Mum O' Folklore's son Kyle

Shine On In Memory

Your memory in my heart so deep
Left an imprint, one of a kind.
You are with me each and every day,
Forever in a corner of my mind.
You brought a bit o' sunshine
To those with whom you shared your love.
An angel with a candle
Shall be your guiding light above.

©2001 Ruth Cox aka Ray O' Sunshine

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