Dogwood Dreams

One of your favorite places in the world to be
Was seated ‘neath a blossoming dogwood tree
Amid the fluttering sounds of butterfly wings
Carried along on the tune your broken heart sings.

Lying upon a blanket of velvety grass so green
Visions of being treated with homage due a queen
Dreams of a life of luxury and sweet romance
Hidden in the corners of your mind daintily dance.

With black billowing clouds reality returns
Low in the belly a familiar stomach ache churns
Suddenly a force strikes from somewhere outside
From blows to your head you could no longer hide.

Deep down inside your hurting heart screams
Begging to be encircled in delightful daydreams.
You hear the voices of loved ones cry out in vain
Pleading for an end to your suffering and pain.

One wish would be granted on this cold wintry day
Never again to feel emptiness as you kneel to pray
Under the odor of alcohol your pain would now cease
Embraced in His arms your soul forever at peace.

Filled with hatred for this man who killed his wife
How do your children go on without Mom in their life?
The path each would travel in order to endure
Oft’ a journey of winding roads not always so pure.

Each must grasp upon a sturdy branch of your tree
Remembering that the good in all you did see.
The strength of your spirit within us we travel not alone
With wishes of joining you alongside Heaven’s throne.

We hear your voice in the twinkling of the stars
Your spirit tightly held in each heart of ours.
One of our favorite places in the world is to be
Engulfed in dreams ‘neath a blossoming dogwood tree.

©2001 Ruth Cox

In Memory of Mom

Anna Mae Cox
July 12, 1935 ~ December 1, 1975
Seven children left motherless by an act of domestic violence.
~Johnny, Debbie, Mary, Rhonda, Randy, Ronnie & Ruthi~
Rest in Peace with God dear Mother.

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