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Wishin' you...Ray O'Wishes

   My name is Tammy...but here in the land of Nuttin' But Sunshine!
I am known as Ray O' Wishes...
Why did I chose that name?
Well it's pretty simple actually...
I just love going around and spreading well wishes to all my wonderful friends...
And I believe that you can have whatever ye shall "Wish" for in life...
so long as you are willing to put forth the effort to reach your goal...
I'm a firm believer that everyone controls there own destiny.

I currently reside in a small town in Alabama...
Surrounded by my wonderful hubby's family...
With my own family living just a few miles down the road
in my home town state of Tennessee where I born and raised.

I've been married now for almost 15 years to my hubby Kevin...
and in that time we have been just about everywhere...
with him having served in the military for almost 10 years...
we've have lived in such places as Germany, Belguim
I've visited Paris, Holland and a few other wonderful places I'll never forget.
In the end though we found
that back home with our families was where we wanted to be.

No lil ones of my own to speak of...
less you count my Wishful Kitty ( Patches )

I am so proud of what we have going here at Nuttin' But Sunshine!
Everyone is so wonderful...
it's a perfect combination and mixture of just about everything...
and as we continue to grow I just know that
were gonna see alot of amazing things happen...
As we share in wonderful friendship and fun ...
and I am so happy to be apart of it all.

Please remember I am always here for you if ye shall need anything.

To my wonderful Co-Founders O' Nuttin' and O' Sunshine...
well ladies all I can say is you will never know what it means to me
that you have allowed me to help you in this wonderful journey...
I love you both...We did it gals...
We have created what I feel is a great place for
friendship, sharing,and fun.

Nuttin' but...Ray O'Nuttin'

    My name is Gale, some know me as Phoebe
and I am now 49 years old-REALLY! Still kickin'!
The pets are all still with me,
the only change being one of my lovebirds, Cooper, went belly up in December!
Recently, my poor cockateil Sir Charles, suddenly died! He was over 20 years old.
I have no idea how this will affect his buddy, William.
Time will tell. ..and I have new fur balls...shhhhhhh!

I'll tell you a bit about my personality or lack thereof, is that one word?
I am loyal and trustworthy - I have been told almost to a fault.
I am not a very patient person although I am always working on that!
I am a bit old fashioned having grown up
in a small neighborhood of immigrants surrounded by relatives.
This made holiday visiting convenient,
you just went to the next door down the street.
I'll take mathematics and sciences over literature any day.
Whoops did I just say that here in Nuttin' But Sunshine?
No worries as our 'Aussies' say!
Plenty of wonderful writers and poets here!

I also love artsy and/or craftsy stuff
and lots of color especially nature.
Winter has come and gone and will be here
too soon once again in my neck of the woods.
Still yard work to do from last year
and remenents of hurricane Isabel, to boot!

You will find that being a Ray O is as much as you make it!
I myself enjoy mingling with people that are different,
hopefully gaining new insight into those differences.
I enjoy sharing knowledge with people- always figuring we all had
to start somewhere and I think sometimes people forget that.

Most days I feel much more like
I'm gettin nuttin' accomplished - nuttin' at all!
Worse yet, I have a few new ailments getting in the way of my fun here!
But here I am - your loyal founder at your disposal most day or night.
I do want everybody to know that I mean that sincerely.
If ever there is anything I can do feel free to call on me.
It may take me awhile to figure 'it' out but
I am the type of person that will 'die trying' as they say.
If I can't personally help you
I will at the very least try my best to point to in the right direction.
Always remember any and all of your contributions to the success of
Nuttin' But Sunshine! are appreciated and welcome.
You are the one who decides upon your participation,
as your skills and time allow...

...and last but not least
I wish you and yours a day
filled with nuttin' but sunshine and a lil love, luck, and lollipops too!
Thanks Ruthi and Tammy!

Sunshine!...Ray O'Sunshine

A bit about me...Ray O' Sunshine aka Ruthi

First, I wish to thank O' Nuttin' and O' Wishes
for bein' the RAYdiant co-founders o' Nuttin' But Sunshine!
Without them we all wouldn't be here!

Second, I wish to thank all the Ray O' Friends...
...for without you we all wouldn't be here!

Now, a bit o' me...
Ruthi has always been a bit o' sunshine...
way before coming online.
UNfortuneately, there are occasions in my life
where the sun barely manages to peek from behind the clouds...
FORtunately, on these days
a friend is always near to keep my sun a shinin'!

I'm the proud Momma o' the Sunshine Girls...
Tidbit 'n' Scratch!
We've been through so much together and our latest li'l one,
NewBe, is named for New Beginnings...our latest life adventure!

Nuttin' But Sunshine...WOW!
What can I say about this wondrous group?
Come join us!
The Ray O's are THE best!
Beamin' with the warmth o' the sun
and filled with nuttin' but whimsical wishes
as we share our wonders 'n' our woes with one another.

NOTE: Ray O' Nuttin' now resides in Heaven,
but she'll e'er remain a founder o' Nuttin' But Sunshine!
Her character creation - Butt the Brownie,
who showered us with love, laughter & the occasional shakin' head,
is fore'er entombed here at Nuttin' But Sunshine!

Share the Sunshine with us! Join Nuttin' But Sunshine!





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