Sunny Spreaders O' Nuttin' But Sunshine!

Twas in the spirit o' spreadin' sunshine
This "Nuttin' But Sunshine!" group we did form.
A place where actions speak louder than words,
Sunshine peekin' out o' the clouds the norm.
We spread our sunshine amid our members,
As well as throughout the internet world.
In emails, poems, graphics, web pages,
The sun on a cloudy day is unfurled.
Sun Spreaders we are 'n' we're proud to be,
Sharin' fun, frolic 'n' friendship divine.
These are the Ray O's that take exta time,
Joyfully spreadin' Nuttin' But Sunshine!

2008 Ray O' Sunshine

Sunny Spreaders...Ray O's spreadin' nuttin' but sunshine!

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Ray O' Sunshine

To be a Sun Spreader...
1) Ye must desire to spread nuttin' but sunshine to another
In the spirit o' sunshine their clouds to smother.

2) You'll be assigned one who needs a sunny treat.
Must check in with CL when Sun Spreadin' duties are complete.

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