We are women, we are one
Each of us with a soul
As warm as the rising sun.

Amid laughter, amid tears
Spirits join together
Sharing joys as well as fears.

We face the day, face the night
Assure one another
Darkness shall turn into light.

As family, as friends true
Hearts climb in unison
Warming grey clouds into blue.

We are women, we are one
Individual souls
Unique as each setting sun.

2003 Ruth Cox

We are family!
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A gift from my Secret Sissy, March 2007...

Indeed...thank you Sissy!

YES we are, Celtic Amber!
Thank God & WWAUS we're not alone!

You're so right Celtic Amber...thank you Sissy!

One of our own!
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Our sissy Bonnie is special indeed!
She accepted God's calling for her.
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A gift from my Secret Sissy, November 2005...sissy JULES

This was such fun Dianna!

Thank you Sissy Dianna for the writing challenge!

Such a delightful surprise!
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And another year with another delightful surprise!
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"Healing Nature"
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