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Me, me, me - it's all about me!
Ok, somebody asked for my 100 things about me,
so enJOY gettin' to know a bit about me!

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My name is Ruthi, aka Sunshine.

My son Billy, aka William, has been the sunshine o' my heart since before he was born.

My dogs, Momma Tidbit & her daughter Scratch, are the sunshine o' my life.

I've lived in 9 states, some more than once, in the followin' order...
West Virginia
North Carolina
New Mexico
(Perhaps for the last time, I've come full circle to the land o' my birth - Ohio)

Family have always been the most important persons in my life.

Family - by choice - have become the most important persons in my life.

I am a Christian.

I believe that with God all things are possible.

I believe that I shall one day reside in Heaven.

My favorite Bible verse is Romans 13:12.
(this changes periodically)

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Sunshine is the most JOYous thing nature has to offer me.
(warms my spirit through & through)

I love to mow the lawn - get lost in fresh air & sunshine!

I love plants & flowers, but do NOT have a green thumb.

My favorite flower is the sunflower.
(black-eyed susans & daisies run 2nd & 3rd)

My favorite houseplant is a "prayer plant."

My favorite tree is the sycamore.

My favorite animal is the wolf.
(the white bengal tiger is a close 2nd)

I believe a dog is a woman's best friend.
(and would never wanna be without one)

My favorite bird is the dove - dove coos are love coos!

I love animals & would have 2 o' each if I could.

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I enJOY good food, but don't neccessarily like to cook.

I love BBQ's - good fun, good food, good friends!

My favorite food is seafood.

My favorite ice cream is french vanilla.

My favorite dessert is strawberry shortcake.

My favorite drinks are black coffee, pepsi and Bud Ice.

I love steak & eggs or pork chops & eggs for dinner.

Love my eggs sunny side up, of course!

I love cotton candy & candied apples at the fair.

I don't like champagne, but love asti spumonte & love mimosas!

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I love takin' long walks on the beach...soothes the soul.
(a river, stream or lake works if the sea is far away)

I love shootin' pool & I'm pretty good at it too!

I love to read, tho' failin' eyesight makes it difficult to do these days.
(besides that, the computer takes up most o' my spare time)

My computer is my window to my world - spreadin a bit o' sunshine!

I write poetry...a talent I consider a gift from God.

I dream o' bein' a published poet one day.

I love ridin' motorcycles, especially Harleys driven by nice fellas!
(no helmet for this gal - want the wind in my hair)

Country music is my favorite, tho I also like rock & roll, R & B, jazz, folk & gospel.
(no rap & no hard rock, please)

I do not like loud music - I like background music.

I do NOT sing karaoke.

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I do not know who my father is & imagine that I never will.

My mother, Anna Mae Cox, died at age 40 - death by an act o' domestic violence.

As a child, I suffered physical, emotional & sexual abuse.

As an adult I have suffered physical, emotional & sexual abuse.

I have 3 half-sisters, 3 half-brothers, all younger than me (1 deceased, cancer) & 2 older step-brothers.

I have virtually no contact with my siblings.
(only if I initiate the contact)

I live within 5 minutes to an hour of 2 aunts, 1 uncle & many cousins & have little contact with them.
(generally only if I initiate the contact)

My son is strugglin' with heroin addiction, but he's alive & fightin' it, praise God!

I've been married 3 times & the 3rd time's the charm - enough is enough!

I'm actually still legally married to my ex - can't seem to afford the divorce.
(praise God he finally quit contacting me - our marriage was UGLY)

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I'd love to be a Gramma!

I'd love to quit livin' payday to payday.

I hope to realize some o' my dreams before I leave this earth.

I believe in the idea o' love, but also believe that love is only for as long as it lasts.

I believe in angels, heavenly AND earthly.

I believe that true friends, true loves will always find their way back to each other.

I still believe there is more good than evil in life.

I still believe that one day my white knight will rescue me.

I know that I am loved by many.
(some just have a funny way o' showin' it)

I belive the human spirit is strong, but also believe it can be broken.

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My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving - I've always so much to be thankful for.
(besides which, it's not been commercialized like the others)

Mother's Day generally depresses me.

Valentine's Day generally depresses me.

I do NOT give Christmas gifts - I give o' myself & feel others should also.
(and that can & should be done year 'round)

I'm a fan o' football - pro, not college.
(tho it was much better back in the 70's & 80's)

I used to play tennis for fun & still like watchin' it.

I used to run road races - stress fractured my foot & haven't run since.

I'm not very athletically inclined, but do like bein' a sport spectator.

I'm overweight & don't like it much but don't seem to do anything about it.

I'm a smoker & wish I weren't but can't seem to quit - one day I will!

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I have owned/operated 3 businesses, lost all with marriages!
(1st hubby & I owned a commercial office cleaning business for 13 years.
I owned a daycare center for 4 years - loved it!
2nd hubby & I owned a pool room for 4 years - loved it!)

I have an A.S. Degree in Early Childhood Education.
(1st hubby wouldn't let me quit work to do my final year for my B.A. - that's BS!)

I have low self esteem & self worth issues, but I'm workin' on them.

I've lived in fear o' somethin' or someone more days o' my life than not.

If patience is a virtue, I'm not a virtuous woman!

I can eventually forgive anything, but I never forget anything.

Usually when I close a door on someone or something, I rarely re-open it.

I enJOY bein' alone, I hate bein' lonely.

I don't like large crowds & parties, I prefer a small gatherin' o' friends & family.

I don't like a lot o' company, home is my place to hide from the world.

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My favorite books are the Bible and "Women Who Run with the Wolves."
(I've been re-readin' both o' these for years)

I love photos & scrapbookin', tho I don't do it much anymore.

I taught myself to knit, crochet, tat, & can do all types of needlework.
(tho I don't do these much anymore either)

I taught my son to do all o' the above, too & I bet he doesn't do them anymore either!

I love a live Christmas tree adorned with hundreds o' twinklin' lights
and covered by ornaments I made myself - again, haven't done this in awhile.

I love walkin' my dogs in the country, lettin' them run free in open fields.
(we mostly settle for walks in the neighborhood)

My favorite song is "Ain't Givin' Up Now" by Reba Rambo McGuire.
(this changes frequently)

I've had 1 broken bone, rolled myself up in a car window at age 2 & broke my collarbone.
(at least that's the way the tale was told to me)

I'm an insomniac, always have been, even as a child.

I'm a perfectly balanced Libra!

Please do NOT remove without permission.

I do not think positively, nor do I think negatively.
I think, and live, in terms o' my reality.

I'm feelin' too old & too tired to care about much these past couple o' years.
(workin' on this too)

I've paid a high price for ev'ry grey hair on my head!
(so no, I'll not color it away)

I've earned ev'ry wrinkle on my body, each a reminder o' life's battles!
(so no face lifts for me)

I've loved & lost but am sure I'll love again.
(some lessons we just never learn)

I'm a romantic.

I believe that any relationship must have 3 things - trust, respect and love.
(I believe a relationship will work without love, but not without trust nor respect)

I believe in the Golden Rule & believe if everyone did the world would be a better place for all.

The internet, my friends & family here, have truly been my lifeline for many years now.
I thank God for my computer connection & for each of you that have come into my life.

This list was a whole lot o' work so I hope you sign my guestbook & let me know you read it!

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100 +1 = I reserve the right to change any o' the things above at any time!

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