As the patrons enter
Cynda hears the buzzer ring
She knows it's just a matter o' time
Til the nickelodeon will sing.

Regulars one 'n' all
They come from near 'n' afar
And as the register sounds cha-ching
The jukebox plays, "I Love This Bar!"

Perched upon her bar stool
Neath the rafters near the door
Keepin' an eye on her bartenders
She watches each 'n' ev'ry pour.

Now if you are lucky
And our queen is in the mood
You may find her back in the kitchen
Whippin' you up some delightful food.

You may even find her
Dressed in full festive attire
Behind the bar creatin' drinks to which
A toast to Rafters Bar and Grill is required.

When she's feelin' playful
Out on the floor Cynda goes
On her way with cue stick in her hand
For a game o' pool with friends, not foes.

She'll listen to the tunes
Now 'n' again even sing
Then with a glance, a nod 'n' many a hug
The owner exits 'n' the buzzer rings.

2005 Ruth Cox

Cheers! quilt dedicated to
The best bartendress I ever knew!
She was my boss & my friend.
I surely do miss her!
(Cynda flew home - poems HERE)

I love bartendin' & this quilt celebrates
the joy o' the job & the pleasure o' the patrons!
Email me your cheery cocktails!
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Ruthi Ruthi
a poem for Steve I miss our late nite chats Joe! a special tribute to Dawn & her Dad
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