On the Wings of a Dove

June 16, 17 & 18th, 2006 - Father's Day Weekend

A cancer benefit/fundraiser
for 3 members of the Rafters family
was held at Rafters Bar & Grill
Columbus, Ohio

The beauty of this event
is that it was pulled together 100% "in-house"
meaning, everything to raise funds was donated
by family/patrons of Rafters and/or their local businesses!
Bands, poker runs, bar-b-cue, auctions,
poker & dart tournament, raffles...everything!

Family, friends & supporters
ALL are blessed for coming together
for this wondrous event.
A grand total of $4,386 was equally dispersed,
a gift with no strings attached,
to the following friends/patrons:

Cynda, owner of Rafters Bar & Grill
(given to Rich, her significant other)

Don, father of our pal Dawn

Larry, brother of our pal Scotty

Blessings to each and every
member of the community
who made this weekend a wondrous event!
(We all know who we are!)

Friday night - June 16, 2006
dedicated to Cynda, owner of Rafters.

Cynda missed this event due to her passing away
June 5th, 2006.

On the Wings of a Dove

A lady flew down on the wings of a dove
Sent from the glorious heavens above.

Delicate and refined yet aware of hardships
She cultivated many undying friendships.

In her voice her charm and her wit would ring
As her beauty and her love made our hearts sing.

The love of her life and her son are the heirs
Of beloved memories they'll hold onto with care.

Those of us lucky enough to have been her friend
Shall treasure her memory til our bittersweet end.

Pause for a moment in honor of this spirituelle
Airborne now in His grace, praise Emmanuel.

Straight to the glorious heavens above
Cynda flew home on the wings of a dove.

2006 Ruth Cox

...on the wings of a dove...
Cynda's Celebration O' Life
held June 11, 2006

my special poems to Cynda, to Rich
Read by me at Cynda's requested wake held at Rafters...

At A Loss and Upon The Wings O' Friendship

Saturday - June 17, 2006
dedicated to Scotty and his brother Larry.

Wings of Brotherly Love

Life's journey has taken us to a place neither of us asked to go
Alas, here we are and brother, I just wanted you to know
That as we fly along upon a wing and a prayer
Do believe that for you I will always be there.

As you travel upon the path that illness has set out before you
Rest assured that I shall be right alongside to see you through
For this is just another time and just another place
Wherein I shall encircle you in love's embrace.

Together we'll pass over the hurdles laid before us on this course
With utmost affection treat it only as a tour de force
Amid our loyalty and devotion one to another
Are wings of love befitting only a brother.

2006 Ruth Cox

Sunday, Father's Day - June 18, 2006
dedicated to Dawn and her Dad, Don.

Daughter 'n' Dad

Today we'll laugh 'n' occasionally shed a tear
As we rekindle memories o' many a year
And speak o' the fun 'n' the frolic we've had
Throughout our time as daughter 'n' dad.

Here I stand beside you in awe 'n' admiration
As you struggle through the trial 'n' tribulation
And with the questions 'n' elusive answers
Surrounding the fate o' thy cancer.

Let us stand together 'n' with one another share
All that life has to offer 'n' all we must bear
And as we while away the hours 'n' the days
All good times we'll snugly tuck away.

I was given to you upon the wings of a dove
So I could experience an earthly father's love
And now that you are in your own time o' need
Love o' thy daughter you shall have indeed.

2006 Ruth Cox

...on the wings of a dove...
Don passed away from his daughter
January 28, 2007

A very special poem for my friend Dawn
Read by me at her Dad's celebration of life...

Passin' O' the P's

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