Mian & Ruthi
This page is dedicated to Mian...
Truly...The Twin O' My Soul.

I bet you're wondering why it's so quiet here on this page!
Actually, there's two reasons for that...
One, the relationship Mian and I have is built closely around
the fact that we can be online with our MSN messenger on for hours...
...barely saying a word to each other!
There is comfort in knowing she is there and "with" me...
...without having to be chatting all the time.

The second reason for the lack of music on this page...
One day I woke up, grabbed a cup o' java and headed for my computer...
...turned on my MSN chat and email program and said, "Hi!" to Mian.

Opening my morning mail folder for Mian is always a pleasure...
but today would be uniquely special!
I opened her message with the subject, "You are my Sunshine"...
Actually, there wasn't a written message so was I surprised!

The message was from Mian's sweet daughter, Christine!
(With a bit o' help from her sweet Momma)
I share this delightful bit o' sunshine with you now...

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Isn't she delightful!
What a way to begin a day...have a great day indeed!

need Mian's Sweden linkA Bit O' USA at abitosunshine

Sweden, Mian's world, oft' seems so distant from the USA
I cannot wait to meet her face to face, hug to kram one day!

A friendship gift from Mian!
Tammy is a mutual friend of ours!

We're just a swingin'
With hearts a singin'!
Just waitin' for that day
When, "Hello," we can say
Locked in firm embrace
Meetin' face to face!

link no longer worked, where's Kris?

I guess you can tell that I'm a bit of a poet.
I'll never forget the first time Mian contracted my "Rhyme Disease" in chat!
Back and forth we bantered, having quite a bit o' fun and giggles!
I said my good night and cyber hugs and off to bed I went.
I received the following email from her with my morning coffee...

Good Morning Sunshine...
I couldn't stop rhyming last night *LOL*
So here we go...

"My dear friend so sweet
Can't wait until the day we meet
With the same soil under our feet
And with (my ex) preparing the meat
That will be so neat
Hopefully the sun will give us some heat
And the wine I am bringing will be a treat."

Over a cup of coffee in the morning
To awaken the friend for whom we care
Over an occasional toast of an evening
In celebration or of heartaches we share.

link no longer worked, where's Sassy?

Thank you for the sunshine, Mian!

link no longer worked, where's Gaby?

Yes we are, m'dear!

A pleasure it would truly be
To have you sittin' on the sofa across from me!
Gabbin' girl talk over a cup o' jo
And gossipin' a bit about friends & foe!

We now have our own "Twin banner"
Just click the banner to go to Mian's home.
It leads right to her page for me!

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