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Spirit...square it & share it!

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Created by Lady Amethyst for PFOS

Created by abitosunshine for PFOS



         I put together puzzles at the Fun Zone!

         I'm at Fields of Eternity this week...woohoo!
         Lovely awards again for the past week...HooRAYo!



         Lovely awards again the past week...HooRAYo!




         Feb. 6





         It's back to Klembiddle I go!
         I did get a lovely Cheer Award...HooRAYo!

         Feb. 6


         I survive my 4th week...hooRAYo!
         And I got a Cheer Award...HooRAYo!




         I survive my 3rd week...hooRAYo!
         And I got a Team Topping Token Award
         300 tokens...HooRAYo!




         I survive my 2nd week...hooRAYo!



         I love the Dreamers Odyssey Fun Zone!

         I visited the Aquarium & spotted the differences!
         Lady Forest presented me with this lovely award!



         I entered my guestimate(s) in the
         Valentine Hearts Count!

         And my 3rd guess comment from Lady Sunset...

         "Yayyyy, You Are A Winner!
         Don't tell anyone the correct answer.....shhhh!
         Cupid has decided to give you a most
         valued personalized graphic tag,
         because of your most spirited loving correct guess."


         And my 2nd guess comment from Lady Sunset...

         "Roses Are Red,
         Violets Love Sun,
         You are still a little off count,
         Guesses left = One."

         Message from Lady Sunset...

         "Roses Are Red,
         Violets Are Blue.
         Your guess is too HIGH,
         And that's your only clue."



         joined 1/24/2009


         I survive the qualifyin' level...hooRAYo!



          Used with permission

          Please do not remove

          "Golden Ray"
          Midi used with permission
          And is composed and sequenced by Mary Hession
          Do Not Remove.

          All poetry & writings, photos, graphics & midis are copyrighted.
          Please respect my wishes that they not be used...
          Nor be removed from the pages of abitosunshine...
          Without the written permission of myself or the artist.
          Your cooperation is appreciated.
           the 28th day o' January, 2009 Ruth Cox

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