Welcome to my 1 stop voting page...
abitosunshine's cyberland "Pit Stop"
And the race is on!

The competitions & topsites
Are a wee bit o' fun 'n' frolic,
A welcome break from all seriousness in life.
And it's a delightful way to spread a bit o' sunshine!
I appreciate your votes...thankies!

Vacation this week, no voting!

at Pocket Full of Sunshine

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Pocket Full of Sunshine

 Pocket full of sunshine





My excitement for this competition has grown!
I've created a spirit page all o' my own!
Click the graphic below & follow me,
My spirit for Pocket Full of Sunshine you'll see!

spirit page

Spirit...square it & share it!
A quilt for anyone who has a 1 stop voting page.
Click the square below to visit the quilt...

Dreamers Odyssey






Please do NOT ask this of me!
I believe a site should be voted for based on the content and quality of it's pages.
I believe worthiness is the measure of a vote, not contract nor friendship.
If you are in site competition, please DO sign my guestbook, invite me to visit.
If I feel your site is worthy of my vote, I will gladly cast it on your behalf!
Enough said...Thank you!


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Thank you!

Original artwork by Christy Babrick and used with her permission.
Please do not remove.

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Please respect my wishes that they not be used...
Nor be removed from the pages of abitosunshine...
Without the written permission of myself or the artist.
Your cooperation is appreciated.
the 26th day o' January 2009 Ruth Cox