Swing In From Afar

You came swinging into my life from afar,
Now I must discover who you really are.
A sunflower, blue violet or a yellow rose?
We'll figure it out as our friendship grows.
The angels brought us together for a reason
And we shall enjoy this opportune season.
We've answered the call from across the miles,
Avowing to fill each others days with smiles.
Should I need a soft shoulder upon which to cry
I will find your hug amid the stars in the sky.
As the dew drops glisten on the flowers and the lawn
I'll cherish our friendship as it swings in with the dawn.

2001 Ruth Norman

Words of Comfort
Early 2003 it was time for me
to make some major changes in my life.
I share with you the comforting words
from a dear friend, Dianna,
that assured me I would not travel alone
on this journey.
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Lloyd, a dear friend!
We met via The Boarding House,
A MyFamily.com group site.

Lloyd is suffering the end stages of
Emphysema/COPD...God Bless him!
I've created a Quilt O' Love & Prayers for Lloyd & wife Shirley.
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